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Expo: “The Moroccan Sahara according to artists of the world” in Marrakech

Written by FDM

“The Moroccan Sahara according to artists of the world”, was the theme of the 1st edition of the International Cultural Forum of Plastic Art, organized from June 1 to 5, at the Mohammed VI Museum for the Civilization of Water in Marrakech, with the participation of a group of artists from Morocco and the Arab world.

Organized by the Casablanca Association of Fine Arts, in partnership with the World Organization for the Unification of Sahrawis and Development in Morocco, the International Cultural Forum of Fine Art held its first edition under the theme “The Moroccan Sahara according to artists of the world”.

During this event, the focus was on the rich and varied artistic and musical forms of these provinces of Morocco, the love dedicated by their inhabitants to poetry, as well as on the many Sahrawi customs, traditions, and particular festivities relating to different aspects of life (birth, circumcision, engagement, marriage), or traditional dress.

The first edition of this Forum was also an opportunity to highlight the values of generosity and hospitality that distinguish the inhabitants of the southern provinces of the Kingdom, and therefore to focus on the efforts made locally to safeguard and revive throughout generations.

The event was crowned by the organization of an evening hosted by Moroccan singer Saïda Charaf in addition to folklore shows highlighting the richness, diversity, and uniqueness of local and Hassani musical traditions.

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