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Expo 2020 Dubai: Morocco’s Pavilion innovates and highlights the kingdom’s tourist treasures

Written by FDM

The Morocco Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition “Expo 2020 Dubai” innovates by offering its visitors an augmented reality game combining treasure hunt and puzzle-solving while allowing the discovery of the tourist treasures of the Kingdom.

At the Universal Exhibition “Expo 2020 Dubai”, the Morocco Pavilion plays the innovation card by offering visitors an augmented reality game. Created in partnership with the SMIT “Société Marocaine d’Ingénieur Touristique”, this game “The Sapiens Legacy” is a WebApp that is played on a smartphone and which allows visitors to the Moroccan Pavilion to live a game experience combining treasure hunt and resolution of puzzles based on tourist products in Morocco.

Thanks to technology, visitors interact with characters and virtual objects in the real world and discover the hidden side of the Morocco Pavilion. The objective of the augmented reality experience is to enrich the visitor experience in each room of the Pavilion and thus allow the discovery of Morocco’s tourist potential in a fun way with Tech features.

The WebApp also offers an innovative way to immortalize this experience with selfies in the colors of the Kingdom that they can share on social networks and keep as a souvenir of their visit. A fun educational activity for adults and children.