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Egyptian feminist writer Nawal Al-Saadawi dead

Written by FDM

The writer Nawal El Saadawi, an Egyptian figure of women’s emancipation in the Arab world, died this Sunday, March 21 at the age of 89.

An icon of feminism in Egypt, Nawal Al-Saadawi campaigned throughout her life for the rights of women and against patriarchy, polygamy, the hijab-wearing, inheritance inequalities between men and women, and especially female genital mutilation which affects over 90% of Egyptian women (she herself underwent the process of female genital mutilation at the age of 6).

Her positions earned her threats from the Islamists, who pushed her into exile for long periods in the United States, but she always returned to the country.

Born in 1931 in the small village of Kafr Talha, in the Nile Delta, Nawal Al-Saadawi was a psychiatrist, writer, and essayist. She is the author of fifty books, including “At the beginning, there was the woman” and “The Woman and the Sex”.