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Dounia Batma is sentenced to one year in prison

Written by FDM

The Marrakech Court of Appeal sentenced controversial singer Dounia Batma to one year in prison on Wednesday. The judgment rendered by the court of First Instance was thus increased, going from 8 months to one year.

The Court of Appeal also confirmed the sentence pronounced by the Court of First Instance against Ibtissam Batma (one year in prison), Dounia Batma’s sister, and Sophia Chakri, an “influencer” who cooperated with the Batma sisters. But it reduced the sentence of the stylist Aicha Ayach from initially 18 months to six months in prison.

As a reminder, the court of First Instance sentenced Dounia Batma, last July, to 8 months in prison. The Moroccan singer had been charged of “participation in fraudulent access to the computer data processing system and dissemination of images and statements of others without their consent, with the aim of harming or defaming”.

On the other hand, the other charges were retained by the court which condemned her to a term of imprisonment of eight months, together with a fine of 10,000 DH.

The scandalous case that is “Hamza Mon BB”, broke out in September 2018 and made international headlines. It references a social network account that was active on Instagram and Snapchat and which mission was to slander and ruin the reputation of other artists by sharing compromising photos, video recordings, slanderous gossip, and devastating rumors.