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Director Sonia Terrab, Guest of The Human Rights Cinema Masterclass 12th Edition

Written by FDM

For the 12th edition of the Cinema and Human Rights MasterClass, the ARMCDH is honoring the director and novelist Sonia Terrab. She will notably be the guest of a live MasterClass on Friday, May 7th.

As part of its activities dedicated to promoting the culture of human rights through cinema, the ARMCDH is organizing online, until May 16, the 12th edition of the Cinema and Human Rights Masterclass with the director Sonia Terrab. The filmmaker will discuss in particular her choice of documentary cinema as a director and screenwriter but also her role as initiator of the Outlaw movement through her live MasterClass scheduled for Friday, May 7 at 9:30 p.m. on the ARMCDH Facebook page moderated by Zoubida Mseffer. Moreover, three feature-length documentaries and two web series are scheduled for two weeks on the films platform.

Morocco, 2020, 60 min. Documentary, color.
A documentary immersion of nearly a year with young people from the mythical district of Hay Mohammadi in Casablanca, between raw words, nostalgia for the past, and love for the Raja football team, carried by the music of the group Lemchaheb. A youth at an impasse (L7sla) but which retains hope.

Morocco, 2018, 15 min. Web-series Documentary, color.
Twelve fast and incisive videos in which twelve women – one per episode – filmed in the middle of the street and with their faces uncovered, share their daily life in a very patriarchal society: rape, homophobia, street harassment, or even clothing shackles

Morocco, 2017, 58 min. Documentary, color.
Summer in Casablanca. A young theater company is preparing Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and takes the opportunity to question itself and the whole town on Love and its language… A living portrait, full of humor and hope of the unloved Casablanca, carried by an inspired youth …

Morocco, 2021, 60 min. Documentary, color.
Behind the scenes of her primary school classes, Sonia Terrab, the director, followed Oustad (teacher) Ismail’s daily life at school. A morning with him can feel like a whirlwind. Switching from one language to another, he focuses on awakening, critical thinking, dialogue, and learning about citizenship. The election of the class delegate becomes a course in democracy and he is proud to say that it forms the Moroccan of tomorrow.

Morocco, 2017, 5 min. Web-series Documentary, color.
Through these intimate and original capsules, celebrities pay tribute to a woman who marked, helped, and inspired them. The aim is to draw exceptional portraits of ordinary women who have influenced and marked our everyday heroes: athletes, musicians, actors …