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Diplomatic foundation: Latifa Akharbach lists the fundamental principles of the HACA

Written by FDM

“Guaranteeing respect for democratic values and human rights in audiovisual content is one of the essential missions of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication -HACA” declared Latifa Akharbach, President of HACA, during the meeting organized on January 12, 2022, by the Diplomatic Foundation and attended by 34 ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to Morocco.

“Among the obligations provided for in the specifications of public and private radio and television operators, particular attention is paid by the Regulatory Body to democratic fundamental principles such as respect for human dignity and the presumption of innocence, gender equity, the fight against hate speech and discrimination or even the protection of privacy and the protection of young audiences, continued Ms. Akharbach”.
She also declared that the mandate and the action of the HACA as an independent body in charge of the regulation of audiovisual communication fell within the overall framework of the consolidation of the democratic functioning of Moroccan society and recalled that the creation of the body in 2002 took place in favor of the process of political and institutional reforms which concerned several areas of public and political life such as transitional justice, human rights, security governance, the reform of Moudouwana, etc. “In the field of audiovisual communication, she underlined, this reform process was illustrated by the abrogation of the State monopoly in radio and television broadcasting and the liberalization of the audiovisual sector”.

Mrs. Akharbach then presented the main features of the constitutional mandate of the HACA in terms of monitoring respect for the pluralist expression of opinion and thought in radio and television, taking the example of normative production and the monitoring of media coverage of the elections carried out by the body on the occasion of the general elections of September 8, 2021.