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The Dar Niaba Museum Opens its Doors in Tangier

Written by FDM

After the Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures opened in 2017, Villa Harris – Museum of Tangier in 2021, the Kasbah-contemporary art space in 2021, it is time for the Dar Niaba Museum to open its doors on September 26, 2022.

Located at the crossroads of interreligious dialogue and tolerance by its geographical location, the Dar Niaba museum is opposite the Assayag Synagogue, backed by the J. Serrano Church, and near the “Bait Yahuda” Judaism Museum, according to a press release.

A former diplomatic building, which in the 19th century housed the representative of the French legation and saw Eugène Delacroix pass through, Dar Niaba was created to contain foreign penetration into Morocco.

The museum particularly documents part of the diplomatic history of Morocco since the 18th century. It thus houses works of art by renowned artists who have drawn their inspiration from Morocco, in addition to a set of documents testifying to historical events that have occurred in Tangier since the time of Sultan Moulay Slimane.

The museum has also brought together several private collections, as well as works of art from the “Fuentes” family, Dar El Ghazi, and Bank Al-Maghrib, with the aim of setting up a complete museum scenography.

“Dar Niaba”, which hosted the signing of several conventions and agreements during different historical periods, occupies a special place in the administrative and diplomatic memory of Morocco.

Built at the time of Sultan Moulay Abderrahmane, the building became the headquarters of the administration of the Sultan’s naib (representative) in Tangier, a link between the Moroccan State and foreign diplomatic representations before independence.