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Chocolate puff pastry

Written by FDM

A pretty delicacy that requires a little dexterity to make the puff pastry, which you can buy ready-made and use according to your desires.


Puff pastry

500 g flour
250 g water
10 g salt
375 g butter


1 chocolate bar
1 egg yolk Sliced


In the bowl of a stand mixer, knead the flour and salt, adding the water little by little until you obtain a ball of dough that is not too soft but smooth. Weigh it, incise it on the top and pull the four sides. Take half the weight of the butter tempera, knead it to form a pavé. Place it in the middle of the dough, fold the sides one by one over the butter so as to envelop it well. Gently lower until a rectangle is obtained, bring the two edges towards the middle, and fold in half.

The first round is obtained, leave to cool for thirty minutes. Repeat the operation (roll out into a rectangle, bring the edges to the middle and fold in half) with the same rest times three times. Your puff pastry is ready to use.

Roll out the dough into a rectangle twice as large as a chocolate bar. Fold over the chocolate, remember to close the edges well. Skip the egg yolk glaze and sprinkle with slivered almonds. Ba