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Chocolate hazelnut coffee

Written by FDM

The Sesamo restaurant at Royal Mansour Marrakech has invited us to taste authentic Italian dishes. In the kitchen, the multi-starred chef Massimiliano Alajmo delights our taste buds with his gourmet recipes.

Ingredients (For 10 people)

crushed hazelnuts

17 g of crushed hazelnuts
34 g of syrup at 26 °

Hazelnut ice cream (2 scoops or 70 g per person)

12 g of egg yolk
50 g of inverted sugar
100 g of cream
600 g of milk
30 g of powdered milk
110 g of sugar
22 g of dextrose
0.70 g of the mixture (0.56 g of carob + 0,14 g of guar)
90 g of hazelnut paste

Cocoa wafer (1 wafer per person)

–  10 g of orange juice

–  4 g of flour

–  2 g of cocoa

–  10 g of icing sugar

–  10 g of cane sugar

–  11 g of melted butter

Chocolate crunch

–  12.5 g of gianduia

–  6.25 g of dark chocolate

–  29 g of hazelnut praline l 7.5 g of crushed hazelnuts

Rye tile

–  10 g of butter

–  8 g of sugar

–  1/10th pinch of salt

–  10 g of egg white

–  3 g of rye flour

–  7 g of soft wheat flour

Caramelized hazelnuts

–  10 g of syrup at 26 °

–  12 hazelnuts

Hot chocolate mousse (40 g of mousse per person)

–  250 ml of cream

–  110 g of milk chocolate

–  58 g of dark chocolate

Cold coffee mousse (10 g of foam per person)

–  100 g of espresso coffee

–  2 g of gelatin


Hazelnut crushed: bring the syrup to 114 ° C, add the cold crushed hazelnuts, and mix over high heat until it gets sandy.

Hazelnut ice cream: heat the liquids with the egg yolk and inverted sugar at 40 °C. Add the powdered milk while mixing with a whisk and bring to 60 °C. Then add the powders and cook at 82 °C. Proceed to rapid cooling and leave it overnight in the refrigerator. Without mixing, add the hazelnut paste and, only after, mix. Store at – 15 °C.

Cocoa wafer: mix the powders in a container, add the orange juice, and finally the melted butter. Film and let rest in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Spread a thin layer on a Silpat cloth and bake at 180 ° C for about 6 minutes.

Remove from the oven and from the baking sheet, place the Silpat canvas on the work surface. Once the mixture has hardened, cover it with paper towels and turn everything over. Remove the Silpat canvas and let cool.

Store in an airtight glass box at room temperature.

Chocolate crunch: melt the two chocolates in the microwave, add the hazelnut praline, and, finally, the toasted crushed hazelnuts. Spread the mixture between two sheets of baking paper using a roller, to a thickness equal to that of the crushed hazelnut. Store in the freezer in a vacuum bag.

Rye tile: soften the butter, mix it with the sugar, gradually add the salt, the egg white, then the flour. Spread the mixture on 13 cm x 3 cm rectangular cookie cutters on a Silpat canvas. Place a 0.5 cm x 13 cm strip of filo pastry on top in the center. Bake at 155 °C, without ventilation, for 10 min. Caramelized hazelnuts: once cooked, place on top of a baking sheet with a weight.

Heat the syrup to 114 °C, add the whole toasted hazelnuts while still hot, and mix over high heat until it gets caramelized.

Hot chocolate mousse: boil the cream, pour over the chopped chocolate, emulsify and transfer to 60 °C in a cream siphon.

Cold coffee mousse: siphon.


In a ceramic cup, place the hazelnut crushed, the hazelnut ice cream, the cocoa wafer, then the chocolate ice cream. Finish the dressing with the coffee, the caramelized hazelnut, the hot chocolate mousse, and finally the cold chocolate mousse.