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“Charter”, The Short Film On Divorce By Repudiation

Written by FDM

Already awarded several times, the short film “Charter” by director El Houssine Hnine, which tackles the theme of divorce by repudiation, continues its tour of national and international festivals.

The short film “Charter” in the Amazigh language by director El Houssine Hnine has been crowned with several prizes, including Grand Prizes at the Fantasm Film Festival, the Leonard De Vinci International Festival, and the Rif International Amazigh Film Festival.

In this film, the filmmaker tells the story of a couple, Assu and Khadija, from a tribe in the province of Ait Sgrochen Taza, whose husband repudiated his wife. In order for him to take her back as his wife, she must marry another man as religion dictates. But the man whom she married refused to divorce her, which prompted the first husband to kill him…

Through his work, the director tackles several subjects related to the relationship between men and women, militant groups, ideas reactionaries, the view of the hardliners on divorce, Amazigh identity, and language, as a press release said.

“Charter” features Saeed Darif, Sanaa Bahaj and Aziz Abdouni. It was chosen to represent Morocco in several festivals: the “Flickers’ Rhode Island international festival”, “Festival of Cinema NYC / USA”, “Valencia Indie Film Festival”, “Lebanese Independent Film Festival – LIFF / Beirut”,  “Venezia Shorts / Italy”, “festival Toronto Owtff / Canada”, “the Barciff festival / Spain” and “Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) / Israel”.

It will also compete for numerous prizes in Moroccan festivals: “the Marrakech film festival”, “the Amazigh/Agadir film festival”, and “the Oujda international cinema and immigration festival”.