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Chakhchoukha with caramelized apples and saffron pistils

Written by FDM

Long time no desert!


for the garnish :

–  3 apples

–  20 g of butter

–  40 g of caster sugar

–  1 cinnamon stick

–  4 saffron pistils

for the cream :

–  2 tablespoons of powdered sugar

–  1/4 litre of milk

–  1 tablespoon of orange blossom water

–  2 tablespoons of cornstarch

for the presentation :

–  4 sheets of bricks

–  20 g of butter

–  50 g of whole blanched almonds

–  2 tablespoons of icing sugar

–  2 tablespoons of cinnamon


Cut the apples into cubes. In a skillet, melt the butter and brown the apples. Add the sugar, cinnamon, and saffron pistils. Leave to caramelize without overcooking.

Cut the brick leaves in circles, squares, or in the shape of your choice. In a frying pan, heat the oil and brown the brick leaves in it. Drain, toast the almonds, and blend them lightly in a blender to crush them.

Preparation of the cream: in a saucepan, combine the milk, vanilla sugar, cinnamon stick and allow to heat. Mix the cornstarch and the orange blossom water. Pour this mixture over the milk, turning with a wooden spoonful until the mixture thickens.


Put a pastry sheet at the bottom of the plate. Place the apples on top and sprinkle with crushed almonds. Then cover with another pastry sheet. Repeat these steps according to your appetite.

Sprinkle the last pastry sheet with icing sugar and cinnamon.

Chef’s advice : to be served cold accompanied by orange blossom scented cream.