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Centrale Danone: The importance of micronutrients in child nutrition in Morocco

Written by FDM

Centrale Danone organized, on March 30, 2022, a special edition of its “Likaate” meeting cycle within the Oum Keltoum Foundation under the theme “Importance of micronutrients in child nutrition in Morocco”.

Centrale Danone raises awareness on the “Importance of micronutrients in child nutrition in Morocco” through a series of “Likaate” meetings organized on March 30, 2022, within the Oum Keltoum Foundation. Around the table, Dr. Nawal Bentahila, founding doctor of a research office specializing in scientific affairs, more particularly in the fields of health and food, and Amira Naji, a naturopath specializing in several naturopathic techniques ( nutritherapy, dietetics, nutrition, aromatherapy, phytotherapy).

For Centrale Danone, this new edition of “Likaate” takes on particular significance with regard to several aspects:

– First of all, it illustrates the maturity of a meeting platform, launched by Centrale Danone in 2019 and dedicated to sensitizing mothers to good food practices.
– Next, it demonstrates the quality of the partnership between Centrale Danone and the Oum Keltoum Foundation.
– Finally, by the chosen theme. On the occasion of this meeting, Centrale Danone is highlighting a current health theme, on which the company is at the forefront in Morocco: the fight against micronutrient deficiencies in children, particularly iron and vitamin D.

As a reminder, according to the latest figures from the National Nutrition Program, one out of three children under 5 has anemia. Iron is involved in the development of the intelligence quotient of children. It contributes to the normal cognitive development of children. Vitamin D, combined with calcium, is involved in the physical growth of children by helping them to develop their bone capital while participating in the proper functioning of their immune system.