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Celebrities: Their secrets to keeping a good mood

Written by FDM

Five prominent celebrities unveil their tips and their philosophy of life to acquire, preserve and disseminate positive energy!

Iman OUBOU, entrepreneur and Miss New York 2015

“Keeping a positive attitude and an uplifting mood throughout my days and weeks is very important mainly because I am also a leader within my company and within my community and my attitude sets the tone for my team. So I had to learn how to compartmentalize my feelings and how to shift my focus constantly to the positive things happening around me as opposed to always dwelling on negative outcomes. They say that life is not what happens to you but rather how you react to the things that happen to you. So if you are able to take control of your reaction and make it positive, you can feel like you have a sense of control over your path in life. The secret to keeping my positive attitude and control over my emotions is having a strong sense of self-awareness and clarity. Both of these are important components to fostering a positive mood throughout my days because no matter what life throws at me, I am aware and confident of my own capabilities and skills and I have clarity about where I am going in life. That helps me move with conviction. The other advice I would give that can help others keep a positive attitude is: own your day! Don’t let your day own you. Have a very strong morning routine or daily routine that puts you in control of your schedule and your priorities. Wake up and start your day with a workout or a walk around your neighborhood. Meditate to calm your thoughts and clear your mind before you get started with your busy day. Journal your thoughts or write down your non-negotiable to-do list so you can create clarity about your day’s structure and what you have coming up. Another amazing way to get your positive mood going is by playing uplifting music and dancing to it while brushing your teeth first thing in the morning or while you are getting ready. Remember how you start your days determines the mood you’re in so make sure you have control over that and watch your attitude be more positive! ”

Manal Benchlikha, singer

“To keep my good mood, I put everything into perspective and I keep telling myself that I am lucky to be in good health and to be well surrounded, to achieve my dream, and to live from this passion every day. I also try to stay away from negative people and situations. And if I don’t succeed, I try to turn the situation around to find something positive in it because if I am going through this, it is for a good reason. Only god knows. The sport also helps me a lot. Physical activity does a tremendous amount of good for the body and for the brain which secretes endorphins, a.k.a “the hormone of happiness”! Thanks to sports, I preserve positive energy all day! ”

Nadia Benzakour, actress

“It all depends on the hours of the day and what condition I’m in. I think in general yoga, music, dancing, or a good movie / a good show plays pretty well on my mind. Getting off to a good start in the morning is also important. Also, I opt for a 10-minute meditation or a good shower with music – the music also accompanies me for the always difficult choice of my clothes – and I never ignore the coffee. This is essential ! If I feel that my day is going to be intense, I also devote 5 minutes to dancing before starting it, and, I promise you that it puts me in good condition! During my long winter evenings, I set my sights on a series. In general, I watch all seasons pretty quickly if I love it. In the case of big blues, I look for a good Will Ferrell-style comedy or a romantic comedy to relax. I assure you, it works well! ”

Asmaa El Arabi, alias The Tberguig, comedian

“To maintain a good mood, I respect certain fundamentals which are more of the order of philosophy and wisdom. First of all, I don’t look at the challenges in life as something that gets in the way of my path to happiness. They are also not synonymous with threats to my comfort zone. On the contrary, I learn how to overcome them in order to better rise. Second, I always stay connected to the Source and therefore to the essentials of life (love, health, etc.), which help me to relativize, to take a step back, and to appreciate as much as possible the small pleasures of life which are, for me, the greatest. Thirdly, I always make sure that my mood does not depend on others and more broadly on my external environment. Being emotionally independent is a strength, as is knowing that throughout the day I will have different feelings. I am really against the idea of seeing life as one-dimensional. For me, we have the right to live a minute, an hour, a day, a week, through multiple emotions.That day when I lost my father, I cried and I also smiled and then laughed with my sister. I remember feeling guilty for laughing and looking back, I realize today that to accept all emotions with transparency is to move closer to a state of emotional authenticity on the one hand, and above all, it is realizing that even in the hardest and most raw moments of life, there are always windows open to laughter and joy. Sometimes we would rather mope, yet whether we like it or not, there is always a path to happiness. ”

Kaoutar Boudarraja, alias “Kao”, host, columnist, producer, actress, and model

“What helps me keep a good mood is above all my 3½-year-old son. It is for him that I get up every morning, that I fight and that I continue to strive because the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken everyone, whether personally or professionally. My son helps me connect to my inner child and to detach myself from the outside world which is all the more under pressure today. Otherwise, I also have some tips to keep a good mood, such as yoga, meditation or silence cures, the last one lasted 48 hours and it did me a lot of good! The pandemic has had a huge impact on us and in particular, it made me realize that we were just passing through and that nothing can be taken for granted, everything can stop. Also, I take advantage of every moment of happiness! ”