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Casablanca Beats’ first screening in Casablanca (photos)

Written by FDM

Presented to the press in preview on Monday, November 1, the film “Casablanca Beats”  by Nabil Ayouch plunges viewers into the depths of the Sidi Moumen district where young people face poverty and misery. Culture plays an essential role in instilling hope for a better future.

A crazy, overflowing energy emerges from Nabil Ayouch’s film from the first images which invite the viewer to dive into the lives of a handful of young people to bring us closer to their dreams and hopes, their desire for change and emancipation. … Culture serves as a backdrop, especially Rap and Hip-hop, which are emerging as the last bulwark against extremism, misogyny, patriarchy, exclusion …

The story begins when a former rapper is hired in a cultural center located in the district of Sidi Moumen to teach rap. Encouraged by their new teacher, the young people will try to free themselves from the weight of certain traditions to live their passion and express themselves through hip-hop culture.

Shot in the cultural center of Les Étoiles de Sidi Moumen, Nabil Ayouch’s latest film carries a strong message of hope, and a certainty: “culture can change a life, upset a destiny…”

Directed by Nabil Ayouch, and written by Nabil Ayouch in collaboration with Maryam Touzani, the film is a tribute to Moroccan youth, and is performed mainly by Anas Basbousi, as well as Ismail Adouab, Meriam Nakkach, Nouhaila Arif, Abdou Basbousi, Zineb Boujemaa, Soufiane Bellali, Mehdi Razzouk, Amina Kannan, Samah Barigou, Maha Menan, Marwa Kniniche, Marouane Bennani and Abderahaman Errahmani.

Casablanca Beats is set to release in Moroccan cinemas on November 3rd, 2021.