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Britta Reinhardt presents “Djellaba” in Marrakech

Written by FDM

The German artist-painter Britta Reinhardt is exposing, until April 30, at the Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech his magnificent “Djellaba” series.

“It is an exhibition full of colors where the artist unveils an art that is inspired by the positive energy that is in her!”, As presented by BCK Art Gallery on its Facebook page, thus announcing the “Djellaba” exhibition by German painter Britta Reinhardt at the Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech.

It is “a work that makes the contemplator’s life more intense and makes them participate in the poetry of everyday life,” continues the gallery. Paintings that encourage them to become aware of their environment’s potential, and help them embellish it with their own imagination.”

On his website, the artist describes his art in all privacy and depth: “ My painting is characterized by my attachment to mixing bright colors with traditional Moroccan patterns painted with stencils, passing by fantastic decorations or rather meditative landscapes”. He declares: “It is this colorful force of Morocco that has guided my intuition and my artistic emotion from the start: I am proud to share with you my intimate and sensitive history with this country in paintings.”