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A breath of fresh air blows over Oulmès

Written by FDM

Oulmès, the iconic mineral water brand, officially unveiled its new visual identity yesterday, in vibrant blue colors, around its historic logo.

Elected product of the year in 2021, Oulmės unveiled its new visual identity which breathes new life into the ideal sparkling natural mineral water for Moroccans. Fresh and light, its iconic logo is integrated into a bubble structure that gives it a strong presence

With its taste and natural sparkle, Oulmès draws its minerality from the Lalla Haya spring located in the heart of the Middle Atlas. Formed at 43 ° by the heat of volcanic rocks, Oulmes bubbles are a true miracle of nature.

Charged with history and emotion, Oulmès has been supporting changes in Moroccan society for nearly 90 years. Generous and accessible, the brand owes its longevity to its cultural roots and its unique minerality to recognized health benefits.