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Billie Eilish admits to being a big fan of Lebanese star Nancy Ajram!

Written by FDM

American pop sensation Billie Eilish has revealed her admiration for Lebanese pop icon Nancy Ajram in a recent podcast mentioning two songs namely “Fi Hagat” and “Enta Eih”.

In her new podcast Me & Dad Radio, the global superstar shared the list of artists who inspire her, among them is none other than Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram. She even paid tribute to her by playing one of her songs.

“I love the way she sings,” said the young American singer. An unequivocal statement from one star to another, from one world to another. On the one hand, Billie Eilish, the youngest singer to ever win a Grammy Award at just 18 years old. On the other, Nancy Ajram, a living legend of Middle Eastern pop, with 27.5 million Twitter subscribers.

“I’m going to cheer myself up by playing this track,” explains the young superstar, launching the song Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram, as she doesn’t hesitate to express all her love for the Lebanese singer, whom she discovered for the first time in an internet meme that featured the title Enta Eih. “What she does is very difficult vocally. It’s crazy,” she explains to her father, pointing out that she doesn’t need to speak the language to be touched by the songs. “To my ears, Arabic sounds like melted chocolate.” Since then, Billie Eilish has been a fan of Nancy Ajram.

Following the release of the podcast, Ajram thanked Billie Eilish on social media, saying that she herself is very happy to listen to the American’s work when her “children play it at home”.