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BF Influence – The Club was born

Written by FDM

Launched on December 16, the BF Influence – Le Club is intended to be a space for reflection and inspiration to promote and discuss new, innovative, and creative ideas.

“The idea of this club is to create innovation bridges to better promote creative power and impact the communities of our members. We, therefore, need creative daring to build the world of tomorrow”, explains Nawal Houti, founder of BF Influence. The ambition of this Club is to open up the field of possibilities, a place overflowing with energies and activities where ideas abound and optimism feeds. Its aim is to bring together personalities from the world of business, politics, media, digital, tech, fashion, luxury, design, art, literature, entertainment…

The first thematic meeting organized by the club was structured around “Influence and influencers: these new opinion leaders in a VUCA world”, the opportunity to set up the debate by giving the floor to three influential and notorious personalities in order to share and debate their expertise and views on the role and challenges of influencers in an uncertain world. Several influencers had also marked this event with their presence. The opportunity to lay the first cornerstone of a broad and in-depth reflection on the techniques and means of rethinking influence for more efficiency and impact.

Note that this meeting is the first in a long series in 2022. ” About ten conferences are already scheduled,” said Nawal Houti. These conferences will focus on various fields: tourism, spirituality, digitalization, e-sport, digitalization of agriculture, culture, and entrepreneurship. A rich and varied program to which all those who wish to shape the world of tomorrow are invited today.