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Awareness campaign on gender equality in the Moroccan film industry (video)

Written by FDM

The ARMCDH has just produced an awareness campaign on the issue of gender equality within the Moroccan film industry.

The campaign, based on a study carried out by the Democratic Association of Women of Morocco (ADFM) with the support of UNESCO, is part of the project “The cinema platform for education in human rights and citizenship” (2018-2020),.

Gender-based inequalities in the film industry are rife. And the figures reveal strong discrimination against women, such as wage disparities, the glass ceiling, less distribution of content created by women, etc. The figures which summarize the representation of women in the cinema professions are indicative of this state of affairs:

Women represent 11.3% of the management committees and decision-making bodies of professional organizations in the cinema industry against 88.7% for their male counterparts.

Out of the 18 organized festivals, only 2 women are presidents.
The directors received 31 million dirhams in advance on receipts against 301 million dirhams for the male filmmakers.

Addressing all the actors and actresses of this sector, directly or indirectly linked, whether they are institutions, juries or selection committees, NGOs or universities, this awareness campaign on the issue of gender equality within the Moroccan film industry aims, first of all, to challenge public opinion and create collective mobilization but also to encourage research and studies on inequalities in this sector as well as all initiatives promoting collaboration or partnerships between the various stakeholders.