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Avery Jackson the first trans child on National Geographic cover

Written by FDM

In its January issue, the American magazine “National Geographic” made its debut with Avery Jackson, 9, a young American girl who  changed her sex at the age of 5.

Her name is  Avery Jackson and lives in the United States. This 9 years-old cute little girl  accepted to pose for the cover of the American magazine National Geographic.

With her pink hair and matching outfit, Avery told the magazine: “The best thing about being a girl is that I no longer have to pretend to be a boy “. Last June, Avery had already appeared in another magazine to defend the transgender cause, declared “happy and proud to be transgender.”

Avery’s parents are doing everything to make their daughter have a balanced and happy childhood. Her mother, Debi Jackson, tweeted the cover of the magazine commenting:’I’m shaking so much I can barely type,’ it read. ‘Thank you for featuring Avery!’. Her comment was followed by the hashtag #transisbeautiful .