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Atelier 21 to Host Group exhibition On Street Art  

Written by FDM

The art gallery L’Atelier 21 is organizing, from June 14 to July 23, 2022, ‘La ville devant soi’, a collective street art exhibition which brings together 16 Moroccan and international artists.

This group exhibition, event-driven, reflects the desire of L’Atelier 21 to open up to a new contemporary reality, to one of the most living forms of art, and to share it with the public. ‘La ville devant soi‘ (The city in front of you) brings together Moroccan and foreign artists. The common thread for all is making the city the object, the subject, and the privileged medium of their art.
One of the merits of this exhibition is also to show how Moroccan artists evolving in street art show literally dazzling vigor, creativity, and diversity.Emmanuelle Dreyfus, author, and journalist for the famous Graffiti Art magazine explains in the introductory text how: “Atelier 21 has imagined a group show bringing together 16 artists who constantly navigate between the research space that is the studio and the public space where they confront their works with serendipity. If the techniques (acrylic, airbrush, spray, ink, photography…) and the supports (panels, wood, audio cassettes, and VHS…) diverge, bridges are nevertheless established here and there between dissimilar universes and visual languages. »And to continue: “For its first exhibition in the field of urban art, L’Atelier 21 did not wish to impose a common thread, the instructions may prove to be too restrictive for emerging artists, sourced in their field of game and most of whom have never exhibited in galleries. Accompanying them to deploy their universe rather than restraining them is the choice of the gallery team, which has issued a single condition: the works presented must be unpublished and exclusive. Thanks to this event, L’Atelier 21 intends to extract Moroccan street art from its comfort zone to bring it into the privacy of all those who cross Casablanca without looking it in the eye, forgetting its curves, its colors, its identities.»

The city in front of you‘ is a challenge: to welcome the city and the street in the closed space of the gallery. The 16 artists have succeeded in opening the walls of the exhibition hall onto the street, imprinting on them the colors, the joys, the emotions, the fears, and the fantasy, which characterize the urban spaces shared by a large number. Each artist takes over a part of the city according to their sensitivity, their cultural references, and their vision of the world.

The exhibition ‘The city in front of you’ brings together 16 artists: Aouina, Jaouad Bentama, Driss Benwahoud (aka DAZ), Yann Chatelin (aka POZE), Combo, Speedy Graphito, Hassan Hajjaj, Kalamour, Youness Miloudi, Sitou Matthia, Simo Mouhim, SadeOne, Ed Oner, Saïd Sabbah (aka DAÏS), Benjamin Spark & Rebel Spirit.