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Artist Safaa Erruas To Present Latest Works at L’Atelier 21

Written by FDM

The artist Safaa Erruas will present from September 27th to October 29th her exhibition “À travers des étendues” at the art gallery L’Atelier 21 in Casablanca.

The visual artist Safaa Erruas is expected at the L’Atelier 21  art gallery in Casablanca, from September 27 to October 29, 2022, for an exhibition entitled “À travers des étendues”.

In a work combining both intuition and formal research as a source of creation, the artist develops works on paper and designs installations with meticulous and ritualized gestures.

Between visible and invisible, consciousness and unconsciousness, gentleness and violence, the works of Safaa Erruas challenge and question us in our deepest intimacy.

Safaa Errua’s work is dominated by the color white, which symbolizes absence, immateriality, transparency, and fragility. As a formal composition and conceptual base, the neutrality implied by a single color is the starting point toward the intimacy and the transfiguration of the objects and elements that the artist uses.