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Artist Residency: Zineb Mezzour, Samy Snoussi and Idriss Karnachi at the Villa du Châtelet

Written by FDM

In July, the Leman Art association organized an artist residency in which Zineb Mezzour, Samy Snoussi and Idriss Karnachi participated.

From July 24 to August 23, an exhibition will be held at the Villa du Châtelet in France, with works by Zineb Mezzour, Samy Snoussi, and Idriss Karnachias as well as those of the famous artist Hassan Hajjaj.

A data scientist by training, Moroccan-Swiss artist Zineb Mezzour is a self-taught painter, photographer, and ceramist. In her work, she plunges us into a mysterious universe of azure colors where the expression of nature takes precedence.

An architect and urban planner by training, Idriss Karnachi stages, through his collages, situations, and characters from popular Moroccan culture without hesitating to recompose reality, thus giving rise to unusual visual mixtures.

Samy Snoussi, on the other hand, is an urban designer who graduated from the University of Montreal in Urbanism and Landscaping. He offers organic and uniform, spontaneous and detailed work. As he describes it so well, “my work begins with sketches that outline shape and direction without having a clear idea of what the end result will be. I let the TRACES develop intuitively. Until the composition is harmonious ”.