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Art’gan Days: Taghazout Bay inaugurates its Targant Center and its Argan Museum

Written by FDM

In light of the International Day of the Argan Tree, celebrated on May 10, Taghazout Bay will officially inaugurate its Targant Center and its Argan Tree Museum, and will launch Art’gan Days, a cultural, social, scientific, and artistic event around the Argan tree, an endemic tree of southern Morocco.

For the International Day of the Argan tree, the SAPST, Société d’Aménagement et de Promotion de la Station de Taghazout will proceed with the official opening of the Targant Center which coincides this year with the first edition of the Art’gan Days, an event intended to celebrate this emblematic tree of Morocco and to promote its contribution to the socio-economic and tourist development of the Region. It is also an opportunity to promote the Targant Center and its Argan Museum. A real meeting place and exchange between visitors, professionals, cooperatives, and scientists of the Argan tree, this center promises to be one of the main animation components of the Taghazout Bay destination, thus underlining its positioning as a tourist area combining beauty, nature, animation, and eco-responsible and united development.

The Targant Center was created by SAPST to enhance the cultural heritage linked to Argan, promote the production process of Argan oil and its derivatives, and improve the economic conditions of women in the region, while strengthening the positioning of the destination in terms of social development. To this end, an important agreement will be signed with the South Foundation for Development and Solidarity and the Union of Women’s Cooperatives for the production and marketing of Argan oil, UCFA, for the delegated management of this Center whose income will be entirely donated to local development actions.

The Center also includes an Argan tree museum, an important component for the promotion of local culture, the Argan Tree Museum is a real didactic and educational journey around this emblematic tree of southern Morocco, its history, and its natural specificities, and everything in its socio-economic ecosystem.

The Center also has production workshops, a shop selling Argan products, and a restaurant. National and international visitors to the Taghazout Bay destination and the Souss Massa Region will be able to enjoy an exceptional multi-sensory experience, ranging from the tasting of culinary creations and local products to the discovery of cosmetics, therapeutic, and wellness products, combining organic and quality standards with traditional know-how.