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Arab YouTuber raises $10 million to support refugees in winter during a live broadcast

Written by FDM

The famous YouTuber Hassan Suleiman, known among activists as “AboFlah”, succeeded in collecting the number of donations for which he launched the “The Most Beautiful Winter Campaign in the World” in the span of 11 days throughout a live broadcast in Dubai.

“AboFlah” announced on Tuesday, to his followers that he had succeeded in raising more than $10 million for his initiative to support refugees in the winter.

“AboFlah” launched his initiative 11 days ago during a live broadcast, with thousands of thousands interacting with him. Viral clips showed the moment the YouTuber “AboFlah” cried as soon as he reached 10 million dollars and exited from the glass room after the audience chanted, “Get out Get out.”

Thus, the initiative “Let’s make their winters warmer” completed the collection of 10 million dollars, after Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, head of the Red Crescent Authority, directed the authority to donate 1.1 million dollars.

The initiative, which was launched as part of the “The Most Beautiful Winter in the World” campaign, in cooperation with the “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives”, the “United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees” and the “Regional Network of Food Banks” succeeded in supporting 100,000 refugee families.

This is not the Youtuber’s first time as a charity campaign initiator. “AboFlah” had previously raised a one million dollar fund during a 28 hours-live broadcast on October 29th,2021. The campaign benefited 5720 families. He has now reached 23,8 M subscribers in his channel.