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Arab League Park, Casablanca welcomes a Collective Museum 

Written by FDM

L’Atelier de l’observatoire ( The Observatory Workshop) inaugurated on December 10 the Collective Museum of Casablanca in the heart of the park of La ligue arabe, a citizen museum offering a shared process of writing the history of the city by its inhabitants.

December 10   also saw the launch of the greenhouse, open from December 10 to December 18 under the theme “Casablanca flowers 2”.

Photos, objects, and stories collected will be presented to the public during a series of exhibitions over a period of one year to be held from December 10, 2021 to November 30, 2022, at the Arab League park, portal overlooking the boulevard Rachidi, Casablanca.

The Observatory Workshop (Casablanca) is an art and research space that develops socially engaged participatory projects, bringing together artists, students, researchers, and residents.