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An “invisible second skin” to remove dark circles and wrinkles developed by researchers

Written by FDM

Are you tired of lotions and creams that promise youthful skin but you can’t seem to notice a difference ? Now there’s something that may make the wrinkles under your eyes disappear instantly. It isn’t magic, it’s chemical engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed an invisible “second skin” that allows renewing the skin’s youth.

In a study published on Monday, May 9 , in the journal of Nature Materials about a product that can take some of the signs of aging away — at least temporarily, US researchers said they used a very specific materials, the solution forms an invisible elastic film that is easy to apply straight on the skin.

Better, it is invisible and adheres perfectly. The researchers conducted several tests on a few dozen people, including women over 40 years. And the results were encouraging. On the left is the treated eye with the product and right side is the untreated eyelid:


The application is still somewhat complicated and involves two times, once a day. All used products were authorized by US authorities. “This ‘second skin’ is portable, moisturizing, safe, well tolerated and improves the mechanical integrity of the skin,” as explained by the authors. This innovation is “unprecedented and could solve other skin problems […] For example, if you need it for a large area of skin you might put it on like sunscreen, or you might be able to apply it with your fingers.”