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Amuzeum: The 1st educational and fun park for children in Morocco!

Written by FDM

Located in the heart of Dar Bouazza, Amuzeum is an edutainment park dedicated to children.

Spread over 3 levels, Amuzeum invites children aged 2 to 14 to travel through time, concepts, and knowledge and induces fun in their learning experience.

In a friendly atmosphere, the park offers a wide range of activities that have been specially designed according to the children’s ages and the skills to be acquired at the different stages of their development.

On a surface of 2000 m², this park allows children to experience several universes: Archaeological excavations, a steam lab, a playground, a Milky Way trampoline, a flight simulator, a supermarket, and a construction site…among others.

At the entrance, children are greeted by large dinosaur statues, animated by cutting-edge technology. Better yet, they are allowed to touch, test for themselves, try, skim, dig, bounce from one topic to another, explore and satisfy their curiosity.