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Amber Heard accused of disrespecting Islam

Written by FDM

American actress Amber Heard received backlash after visiting an Istanbul mosque in clothes deemed very “inappropriate”. Faced with the heated controversy, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife reacts.

After long legal battles with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, the American actress, Amber Heard, is yet again the center of controversy, this time for her outfit.

While on summer vacation in Turkey, the star posted photos on Instagram where she’s seen posing in front of a mosque in Istanbul, dressed in a beige outfit, a pink hijab, and braless. In the caption, Amber Heard wrote: “Spent the day wandering around the magic of Istanbul’s mosques and couldn’t be more in love with this gorgeous city… “.

Comments under the photo were not all complimentary, as some internet users accused Amber Heard of having disrespected Islam, for the way she wears the hijab, by using it as a fashion accessory with an ‘inappropriate’ outfit.

“Amber Heard has no respect for religion or race as we have seen many times. She used a Hijab as a fashion accessory. Her hair and neck are visible ”,  some comments.

The actress quickly reacted to all the hateful comments by tweeting, “Ill make it easy(ier): Mosques are real places. So are museums & churches. So are head scarfs (where they are sometimes required n order 2 visit). Mystery solved. ”  she wrote.