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Ali Zaoua’s Restored Version Out in Cinemas 20 Years After its First Release

Written by FDM

Twenty years after its first cinema release, Ali Zaoua, one of Nabil Ayouch’s very first films, is coming back to the big screen in Morocco on October 26, in a restored version!

From Wednesday, October 26, Ali Zaoua, one of Nabil Ayouch’s very first films, will be released in major cinemas across the Kingdom in a restored version: 4K image, HDR sound…

While the editing is the same, the experience is unique, even for viewers who have already seen it on the big screen 20 years ago. It is also an opportunity for the younger generations to discover the film in very good conditions.

But beyond the visual pleasure offered by this remastering, the re-release of Ali Zaoua is the opportunity for Nabil Ayouch to spark yet again the public debate about street children to (re)raise awareness of all the active forces.

“I make films because I have the guts to believe that a film can change things, or at least alter reality to a certain extent. 20 years ago, when I decided to make a film with street children as the main heroes, it was to condemn a situation that seemed unacceptable in our society,” declares Nabil Ayouch, in a press release.

The restored version of Ali Zaoua will also be available on the Moroccan and independent cinema platform Aflamin (

Acclaimed by the public as much as by critics, Ali Zaoua is a film that has collected 44 awards from the biggest international and national film festivals. All of the profits from the release of the film Ali Zaoua will be donated to the four main actors as well as to the Bayti association, which works for the social reintegration of children in difficult circumstances.