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“Aji-Tfham”: The History of Morocco Differently (video)

Written by Amal Asebriy

Mustapha Swinga, one of the most prominent content creators in Morocco; is back with another installment of his famous series “Aji Tfham”.  This time, tackling “The History of Morocco” in a collaboration with historian Nabile Mouline.

In the beautiful setting of Chellah, the ancient archeological site in Rabat, the new media sphere attended, last Friday, the live broadcast of the first episode of “The History of Morocco”. A series produced by Artcoustic Studios in collaboration with historian Nabil Mouline and broadcasted on the “Aji Tfham” Youtube platform.

Consistent with its position as a pioneer in simplifying hot complex issues with playfulness, “Aji Tfham” which translates to “Let me explain”, continues its adventure in providing relevant and rich content to the masses. With an urban tone and captivating graphics, netizens have never been as eager to attend a history class. At least that’s what the comment section under the video demonstrates.

According to Ali Rguigue, Artcoustic producer and director, the video that exceeds the 30 minutes mark took almost a year to finish using in-house production. “We took a risk to generate public interest in our history, and give room to other parties including regular people to contribute to the project. Our ambition is to raise awareness about the impact that these videos can have on our children, our performance as a nation, and especially to make peace with our country’s history”.

The first episode tackles the controversial history of relations between Morocco and Algeria. And it’s already a big hit with 700k views in less than two days.