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Aït Manos launches its Foundation in Favor of Women Artisans

Written by FDM

Created in January 2020 and housed by Aït Manos, craftsman and creator of zellige, the Aït Manos Foundation is based on two reasons for existence: the economic empowerment of women artisans and the promotion of ancestral arts professions.

Despite being the backbone of the rural economy, women have limited access to financial resources. Aït Manos, through its leaders, Ghalia Sebti and Tawfik Bennani, has been supporting the villagers for 20 years and in particular the women of Imzour through the Alanwar association (Al Haouz region).

In February 2020, the opening of a women’s home at the initiative of the villagers via several charities (bringing together 32 women in 3 villages), raised a number of questions that meet the objectives set by the Aït Manos Foundation, namely the creation of income-generating activities and the learning of a trade and the transmission of ancestral know-how.

In this sense, Aït Manos supports women in creating and marketing magnificent knotted wool rugs as well as boucharouits. The ongoing solidarity sale has already raised nearly 50,000 DH for the benefit of the Alanwar association. In a few months, the villagers have made sublime rugs despite the difficulties related to the Covid. Indeed, the souks could not be held normally, they were not able to stock up on wool. So, they took the initiative to start spinning their wool again like the old ones did, with much better quality! What proof of agility! What a lesson! With this first step, they gained self-confidence because their know-how benefits the whole village. Ultimately, it will be necessary to help them create their cooperative in order to gain real autonomy, ” explains Ghalia Sebti, co-founder of Aït Manos.

Ait Manos Foundation_Ghalia Sebti and the women of Imzour

Safeguarding and promoting secular traditional know-how is also at the heart of Aït Manos’ activity. The Foundation’s vocation, through its initiatives, is not only to preserve but also to sustainably develop Moroccan know-how and creation.

Treat yourself to a beautiful carpet and support the empowerment of women artisans!

The entire sale will be donated to the Alanwar association.
The carpets are available at the head office of Aït Manos
157, boulevard de la Résistance – Casablanca
By appointment 0522 44 26 67 or