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Ahssan Pâtissier: “Bake off” Moroccan version arrives on 2M

Written by FDM

The Moroccan version of The Great British Bake Off competition is finally arriving on our screens. It will be broadcasted every Tuesday at 9:40 p.m starting January 26 on 2M.

2M channel continues to innovate in entertainment shows. For eight weeks, starting Tuesday, January 26, 2021, ten amateur pastry cooks will compete to win the title of “Ahssan Pâtissier” and a cookbook published in their name. It is an adaptation of the BBC’s English reality show “Bake Off”, which has been a huge success in over 30 countries including the French version “Le Meilleur Pâtissier” broadcasted on M6 and RTL.

Adapted for the first time in the Arab world,  “Ahssan Pâtissier” will pay tribute to the art of pastry making, with a focus on the international recipes, and will highlight the heritage of Moroccan bakery, known for its finesse and subtlety.

A task that was not executed with no challenges: “We had to find a compromise with the BBC group. We spent a year and a half negotiating with them and going back and forth to be able to adapt the format in a Moroccan rendition” said Salma Chafii, manager at Public Production, and executive producer of the show.

Ahssan Patissier host: Fadwa Hirate

The ten candidates selected for the competition are passionate amateurs embodying all the components of Moroccan society with its regional diversity. Khouloud and Zyad, the youngest of the participants, are both 24 years old and Chafika, the eldest, is 51 years old. They represent eight Moroccan cities, Berrechid, Casablanca, Fez, Khemisset, Marrakech, Rabat, Sale and Tetouan, and one of them is based in Paris.

For eight weeks, they will be attended by two coaches and juries: a young professional pastry chef from major international houses, Othmane Belefkih, and a pastry professional embodied by the cake designer Bouchra Tmimi. The show will be presented by Fadwa Hirate, a journalist by training, who hosted several shows on Radioplus before deciding to embark on her first television adventure “Ahssan Patissier”.  “We had a real desire to reveal new faces, new media figures, so we went through around twenty profiles to finally be able to cast the two juries and the host,” continued Salma Chafii.

Jury members: Othmane Belefkih, and Bouchra Tmimi

The candidates will share their passion for pastry and compete against each other in three events: the classic revisited, the technical, and the creative. Each of these tests will be an opportunity to test the candidates on their pastry skills and to rediscover the great classics of pastry according to a given theme for each bonus. To judge the creative event, a distinguished guest from Morocco or elsewhere will join the usual jury.