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AFRIMA: 5  Moroccan female artists nominated or Best Female Artist in Northern Africa 2021

Artists Abir, Jaylan, Manal, Nada, and Salma Rachid are nominated for the “Best Female Artist in North Africa” award.

5 Moroccan artists are nominated for the 2021 AFRIMA Awards, in the category of Best Female Artist in North Africa according to a list recently released by the African Union Commission (AUC) and the All Africa Music Awards International Committee (AFRIMA).

Singer Abir is also competing for the “Best African Artist in the Diaspora (Female)” and “Best African Pop Artist, Duo or Group” awards, while Manal’s also nominated for the “Songwriter of the Year” award.

Meantime, Morocco is represented in the category of “Best Male Artist in Northern Africa” by Dizzy Dros, Hamza El Fadly, L7OR, Muslim, and Zouhair Bahaoui. As for El Grande Toto, he is in fierce competition with 9 other singers to win the prize of “the most promising African artist”.

AFRIMA’s international jury, which is made up of 13 members, received a record 8,880 entries for the 2021 edition. “We believe we have given Africans and the whole world the best nominations and songs,” said jury member Hadja Kobele.

The applications for this musical mass, which includes 30 continental and 10 regional categories, come from 50 African countries in the five regions of Africa and 10 countries in Europe and North America, including Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, and Portugal, among others.

The 2021 AFRIMA Awards will be broadcast live on 84 TV channels in 109 countries from Lagos, Nigeria, from November 19 to 21. Since 2014, AFRIMA has been regarded as the ultimate recognition of African music at the global level.