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Africa Innovation Week 2020: EMSI wins the Grand Prix and four gold medals

Written by FDM

Morocco’s School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI) won The Grand Prix and four gold medals at the international innovation fair: Africa Innovation Week (IWA-2020).

The Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI) was crowned with success at the international innovation fair Africa Innovation Week (IWA-2020). It won the Grand Prix and four gold medals for its four flagship inventions “Genius water pipeline for buildings”, “Smart Micro-wind for Highway”, “Smart Hospital Management” and “Smart system sterilizer and Distributor of Hygienic Products SMART -DPH ”. This latest project, which was awarded with the grand prize, offers a new solution to the source of electrical energy on highways and other road networks. How? Through a system merging two types of wind turbines and allowing the transformation and use of the energy of the air current, as the EMSI explained.

Another award-winning innovative project is the SMART-DPH, as an intelligent sterilizing system and Distributor of Hygienic Products, capable of distributing sanitary products in an automatic and intelligent manner. The goal is to protect individuals against the spread of pandemics, by making hygiene products accessible to everyone and protected by advanced sterilization techniques. To date, EMSI has won 75 awards at major international inventions and innovations competitions and fairs.

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