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Abderrahmane Latrache presents “Black Beauty” at the A2 Gallery (photos)

Written by FDM

The painter Abderrahmane Latrache presents his latest works in the A2 gallery. The exhibition shows a beautiful palette of portraits under the theme “Black Beauty”.


The “Black Beauty” exhibition includes works highlighting portraits of black women and men from the African continent. “These African faces which belong to different ethnic groups always keep this authenticity in the expressions: frank looks, radiant smiles which are not yet worn out by the social conveniences of modern life”, specifies Abderrahmane Latrache in this regard.

Throughout his career, Abderrahmane Latrache marks the artistic scene with his particular imprint. Born in Taza in 1960, he continued studying medicine at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. And in the evening, he took courses at the Superior School of the Arts “the 75” in Brussels. The precision and the rigor of his scientific reflexes are happily invited into his pictorial technique, thus granting a unique liveliness to the looks of the faces he brushes and realism rarely achieved in the transmission of colors and expressions.

From the 90s, the artist multiplies exhibitions in Belgium, France, and Morocco. And since 2005, he is registered in the Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Artists.