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Aawatif Hayar, President of Hassan II University, Welcomes the LIONS Club Unity ENCG Casablanca 

Written by FDM

Aawatif Hayar, president of Hassan II University celebrated the humanitarian caravan by the LIONS Club Unity ENCG Casablanca for the month of June 2021.

The LIONS Club Unity association is organizing a large-scale humanitarian caravan at Douar Inelif in the region of Taroudant, province of Sidi Abdellah Ousaid, which will include the painting of all the houses, the drilling of a well and the supply of water to the houses, and the distribution of food and clothing to the inhabitants of the region.

Students from ENCG Casablanca engaged in hard work with the ultimate objective of improving the living conditions of the inhabitants by providing them with a source of drinking water near their homes by supplying the neediest families in the region with food and warm clothes to fight the cold in winter times.

Moreover, in an attempt to highlight the Amazigh culture and identity of the village, students also renovated houses with wall drawings.

The lion club unit ENCG Casablanca is a humanitarian and charitable association domiciled at the Casablanca National School of Business and Management which works against poverty and precariousness in remote regions in Morocco.