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700 Children Equipped With Self-Defense Pocket Alarms

Written by FDM

The Al Karam and Mekkil associations, promoters of the “Jamais sans mon alarm” project, distributed pocket self-defense alarms to nearly 700 children in Marrakech which allow them, in case of danger, to trigger a siren of 120 decibels, audible over 600 meters.

In Marrakech, nearly 700 children received pocket self-defense alarms, as part of the “Jamais sans mon alarm” (never without my alarm) project carried by the Al Karam and Mekkil associations. Thus, in case of danger, these children can trigger a siren of 120 decibels, audible at more than 600 meters. The distribution concerned the internal and external children of the Al Karam Association, children of primary schools, and young people of student houses, who are the first beneficiaries of this pioneering operation at the national level, aimed at fighting against the phenomenon of child abuse.
In a statement to MAP, Meryem El Oufir, vice-president of the Mekkil association announced that this campaign will be spread over an additional week during which it will travel through the city of Safi. During her intervention, this activist underlined that this pioneering awareness campaign also aims to attract the attention of society, to create in parents a feeling of peace in their children, and to try to dissuade the passage to the act of abuse.

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