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In 5 years, English will replace French (study)

Written by FDM

Conducted among 1,200 young Moroccans, the study commissioned by the British Council shows that the overwhelming majority of young Moroccans consider English to be a vital language for their future and that of the country.

According to a report titled “Shift to English in Morocco,” the publication of which coincided with International English Language Day, a large majority of young Moroccans, aged between 15 and 25, expressed their appetite for English.

Indeed, more than two-thirds of young Moroccans believe English is set to replace French as Morocco’s primary foreign language within 5 years.

And that’s not all :

  • 74% believe the shift to English will benefit the country’s ambitions to become an international business and tourism hub. They also believe English will assist them in their education and career aspirations.
  •  85% expect the number of young Moroccans using English to increase over the next decade.
  •  82% of respondents have positive associations with English.
  •  65% of young Moroccans regard English as important, 62% feel the same about Arabic, and 47% about French.