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15 Women Announced Winners at 7th National Micro-entrepreneur Prize

Written by FDM

27 winners, including 15 women, were awarded at the 7th edition of the National Micro-Entrepreneur Prize organized at the initiative of the Mohammed VI Center for Support Microfinance Solidarity (CMS) and the National Federation of Microcredit Associations ( FNAM).

Women have excelled at the 7th edition of the National Award of the micro-entrepreneur. 15 out of the 27 prize-winners were women. This prize, which highlights the micro-entrepreneurs of income-generating projects, focused on nine categories, namely, the CMS special prize for formalization, the human development prize, the innovative microenterprise prize, the female microenterprise prize, the young microenterprise prize, the responsible tourism prize, the Reintegration prize, the green economy prize, and the incentive prize.

Originating from the four corners of the kingdom, this year’s winners work in pottery, organic and hydroponic agriculture, sewing and embroidery, rural tourism, butchery, carpentry and hairdressing, and aesthetics among others. “We are honored to be able to award 27 micro-entrepreneurs who had the audacity to create their own businesses and to benefit from the services of the microfinance sector which were a great support for them”, underlined in particular on this occasion the director of the CMS, Naima Sahil, noting that this sector gave them the chance to start their activities.

For Ahmed Ghazali, president of FNAM, this prize is intended as a platform of encouragement to the most deserving Moroccan micro-entrepreneurs able to help them realize their entrepreneurial visions.

This edition, which saw the participation of 116 candidates in total, 53% of whom are women, was organized in partnership with the Citi Foundation, the Crédit Agricole du Maroc Group, the Banque Populaire Group, the CDG Foundation, and Al Amana Microfinance.

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