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Weird way to set the makeup with water

Written by FDM

“Jamsu” in Korean, which roughly translates to “submerging”,  is the newest trends in makeup hacks. It consist of dipping your face into water after applying your base and powder to secure a matte looking skin.

The technique seems counterintuitive. We usually dip our face in water to cleanse, and now we’re doing it to set the makeup?

After applying primer, concealer, and foundation to clean, dry skin, you pat handfuls of  your favorite loose powder on top. Once your face has taken on a ghoulish cast, plunge it into a sink filled with cool water for approximately 30 seconds. You’ll find that after you dry off, your complexion looks flawless.

Beauty gurus online have tested this out. Some agree that it is indeed effective while other don’t see a difference. Here is one of the popular opinions :