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Top 5 Trendy Hairstyles For Summer 2021

Written by FDM

While the summer heat and humidity make it hard for us to maintain neat hairstyles, (hello sweaty nape, frizzy and flat hair,…) you can still find the adequat haircut which will be practical and pretty to complement your summer looks.

To inspire you to find THE perfect haircut for you this season, here are 5 trendy haircuts for summer 2021.

The long curtain bangs

The trend that went viral last year and continues to turn heads in 2021 is curtain bangs. Although it was shorter, this summer the longer version steals the show. Easier to maintain, the long curtain fringe highlights the cheekbones and jawline. It’s a look we love!

The jaw-length textured bob

It’s THE look to opt for just before summer to avoid dealing with long hair. At about jawline height with a sharper tip, it gives more volume on the top of the head for a perfect beach look. Plus it remains timeless!

Long hair with short bangs

If you are tired of your look but still can’t get rid of long hair, add short bangs. A cut that gives style, while keeping the classic side of long hair, it’s a winner. You can wear your hair up, with braids or even a messy bun, all options are good!

The “Jennifer Anniston” cut

Jennifer Anniston has always been famous for her cut with the layered face contour. A practical hairstyle which always falls good whether it’s naturally dried or styled. The layers create a slight movement while keeping just enough volume! You can even add curtain bangs to give the face more structure.

The shag

The rockstars’ look is definitely making a comeback! The 2021 version of The shag has evolved very well. The bangs are short and tapered giving style and character to the cut. The more pronounced layers at the back add a good dose of volume regardless of your hair type. Plus one big bonus: it (almost) does not need any maintenance!