The dermatological brand ISISPHARMA launches in Morocco

Written by FDM

The pioneer of dermatological products dedicated to pigment disorders, photo-protection and homeostasis just launched its subsidiary in Casablanca, said the team management in the inauguration evening of Tuesday, Feb. 21.

The opening event has also witnessed the release of a novel product dubbed Xérolan used as a treatment for atopic dermatitis.

Since 1987, the French dermatological laboratory ISISPHARMA has pioneered the development of several specific dermatological treatments. ISISPHARMA products, have succeeded in convincing more than 12,000 dermatologists around the world located in 80 countries, to which Morocco will be added.

For over a century, teams of researchers and specialists from the DEWARVIN Group have collaborated with dermatologists and pharmacists who offer their patients innovative, effective and accessible care.