Most Popular Holiday makeup trends on Pinterest

Written by FDM

Holiday makeup screams glitter, especially since a lot of Makeup brands launch glittery goodies in limited editions for the the gift-giving season.

But if you are not so keep on sparkly looks, and moreover if you want to stick out from the rest and you are still wondering about which makeup look to wear for the holiday season? Here are five inspirations spotted on Pinterest to celebrate the new year in style!

#1. Holographic Lips & nails


Holographic makeup is extremely trendy this year, particularly since Sigma’s holographic lip kit got very popular after its release. What is even cool about this style is that you can add an extra dimension by layering a lip gloss on top.

#2. Rose Gold Everything


Rose Gold is definitely the color of the year from smartphone cases to makeup shades, it is the most flattering metallic color. It perfectly stands on line between cool and warm, so it complements a variety of skin tones. Everyone looks good in it basically!

#3. Black Lips


Black lips may not be on the wearable side, especially since a lot of you may thing of black makeup as goth. But it is trending for winter and you adjust the look add a super glam for a holiday party.

#4. Red eyeshadow


Following on the burgundy fall trend, more of the true shades are being added to the trends list on Pinterest. Red is top of the list.

#5. Matte Makeup


Matte eyeshadow and nails are on top of the searches of matte makeup which is on its way to dethrone shiny lip glosses. But for the perfect holiday look opt for matte black nails with a hint of gold glitter. It’s the perfect holiday look !