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Kenza Barrada launches the Tribe, a fun and ephemeral concept store

Written by FDM

Mixing the useful and the incredible is what Kenza Barrada, jewelry designer, intends to do by creating The Tribe concept store. An array of designers gather around the idea of creativity and well-being from December 10 to 19 in Casablanca.

Well-being, gastronomy, and creations, a whole program just before the end of year celebrations to discover young Moroccan designers and entrepreneurs. An initiative of Kenza Barrada, the jewelry designer on Kash Bali, who wants to highlight Moroccan talent. “To strengthen the idea that we are a tribe of entrepreneurs, creators, artists or simply humans, today more than ever we need to stick together and strengthen the human bond and the bonds of the heart,» said the designer.

In the midst of a pandemic that has lasted for two years and which raises too many questions, Kenza Barrada brings a breath of hope. “Putting forward the notion of “wellbeing” today is more than essential in view of the troubled times we are going through. Physical and mental wellbeing, can allow us to approach the new year on a more positive note, more joyful”.

Therefore, this event highlights the know-how of creators keen to shed light on a notion of wellbeing that passes through several dimensions, several senses, and different actions.

Date:  December 10-19
Location:  Les Tours vegetales, Yasmine Signature, Casablanca Finance City