Juvederm Volite, an innovative injection to improve skin quality

Written by FDM

According to Dr. Iman Al-Salawi, a specialist in aesthetic medicine and micro-nutrition, the Juvéderm VOLITE is the first injectable treatment, specifically designed to improve skin quality.

VOLITE injections help women restore the radiance of the skin in the winter, which is harsh on the skin, due to the cold weather, and the use of central heating that contributes to withdrawing the radiance from the complexion of the skin.

This technique involves injecting hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring moisturizer in the dermis and epidermis, that binds to water and locks in moisture in the skin. While other treatments require multiple sessions of injections, Juvederm Volite promises moisture, radiance, and smoothness in just one session.

Marks are placed on the face in the form of grids, as each square is an area for injecting hyaluronic acid, while the technique uses a much thinner syringe than Botox, and the solution is injected into the dermis (a layer of tissue located directly under the skin) so that the solution can spread quickly in the skin. The product can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands.

The session takes up about thirty minutes without feeling pain, and sometimes there is a slight pain in the sensitive areas. As for the result, it is visible as it enhances your sense of radiance, and your skin looks healthier than it appears from the outside. You will feel a change in the moisture content of your skin, and this technique will save you from the frequent application during the day of the moisturizer, and the radiance in your skin will be more visible.

If you look tired and your moisturizing cream is no longer enough, this new technology in the world of beauty provides you with a radiance-boosting moisturizer that lasts not only for hours, days, or even weeks, but for a whole nine months in just one session.

The technology is available at Dr. Iman Slaoui’s clinic.
Al-Manaziz Alley, Building 5, Flat 4, second floor. Maarif, Casablanca.