Intraceuticals, an oxygen bubble

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In its desire to favor partnerships with exceptional brands, the Spa Royal Mansour, which was recently awarded the prize for the best hotel spa in Morocco by the “World Spa Awards”, welcomes Intraceuticals, a premium brand recognized for its innovative techniques and lasting results. Discovery!

With a surface area of 2,500 square meters spread over 3 levels, the Spa at Royal Mansour Marrakech has been designed as a destination in its own right. It is accessed through a lush garden with bewitching colors and scents. This true temple of well-being has exceptional facilities and offers a holistic range of treatments for the face, body, and hair.

A bubble of comfort and serenity that invites relaxation for a treatment or even a day since the spa has its own tea room, “La Table du Spa”, where you can enjoy a light meal from the menu of the 3-star Michelin chef Yanick Alléno, or treat yourself to a tea-time in his cozy atmosphere by the fireside.

Intraceuticals, an exclusive partnership

Since last December, the Spa has been welcoming Intraceuticals, which has enriched its range of exceptional treatments: Sisley for the face, marocMaroc for the body, Leonor Gray for the hair, and even Bastien Gonzalez for manicures and pedicures. Founded in 2002 by Anthony McMahon, Intraceuticals is an Australian brand available in the most prestigious hotels, spas, and aesthetic clinics.

It is distinguished by its unique method that has revolutionized the professional skincare market: the use of low-pressure oxygen to promote the deep delivery of professional strength Intraceuticals serums. These specific serums combine light hyaluronic acid – which has the power to instantly hydrate the skin, giving it more firmness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving facial contours, and reviving the complexion – and a powerful cocktail of vitamins, peptides, amino acids, antioxidants, and plant extracts. The scientifically selected active ingredients with strong nourishing power that stimulates skin radiance, used in synergy to provide immediate visible results and long-term skin health.

The principle of Intraceuticals is to optimize the performance of its products by using only what the skin needs. Made in Australia, treatments, and products are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

The Intraceuticals care card

If the basic principle of intraceuticaticals care remains the same, namely the combination of pressurized oxygen and hyaluronic acid, 3 different protocols are offered: Rejuvenate Anti-aging, Opulence Brightening Clatity Blemish. These are also personalized for each person according to the needs of their skin determined thanks to the diagnosis carried out by the practitioner before each treatment. This allows it to use a combination of specific assets to optimize results.

Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech – rue Abou Abbas El Sebti – Marrakech.
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The Spa is open to non-residents of the hotel.