Hot Summer? simplify your beauty routine

Written by FDM

It is summer in full swing. And while Moroccan sun doesn’t go lightly on us, might as well reduce our makeup routine few steps to prevent the pores from getting clogged from all the sweat and oil.

Here are a few steps to follow to break down your beauty routine to the bare minimum when it’s super HOT:

#1. Prep your skin

Before head outside, gently exfoliate and moisturize your skin so it doesn’t look dry or dull.

#2. Protect your skin

Summer calls for long days out doors. Protect your skin by layering on sunscreen. Another tip, is to look for a tinted moisturizer, try to look for one with SPF already in it. This will save money and be one less step in the morning.

#3. Products that do double-duty

Beauty sticks that combine Lip and cheek tints are your life savior. They are usually lightweight and perfectly sheer.

#4. Sheer eyeshadows and no eyeliner

Don’t go heavy on your eyes in the summer. By avoiding eye liner you’ll also avoid that dreaded smear-effect that can happen to your liner when you overheat. Rely on a few sweeps of light eyeshadows and add Mascara if you must.

#5. No Foundation

As mentioned earlier, Sweat + foundation = clogged pores. So to minimize disasters, switch out foundation for a lightweight tinted moisturizer. If you need extra coverage opt for a staying power.

Last but not least,  set your simplified look with a makeup setting spray to prevent your makeup from creasing.