Holographic eyeliner is the newest of trend for a futuristic look

Written by FDM

The ‘holographic’ style never ceases to invade the world of beauty, now landing in eyeliner form!

After 2016 saw the rise of ‘Holographic’ nail and hair, here comes 2017 taking it one step further and bringing a new futuristic trend to our make up.

Indeed, the “holographic eye liner” is the newest beauty trend on Instagram. It has already been recreated by numerous beauty enthusiasts. While each of them adds a personalized touch to the look, which make it seem difficult to recreate, the basics remain the same, and may be easier than you think.

The dazzling look is done with holographic strips of paper that are cut into the desired shape and applied with eyelash glue and Voilà! There are also some ready-made strips available to buy.


Holo cardboard liner and lashes @katvondbeauty Shade+Light eye palette on the brows and @featherellalashes in Twin Flame

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