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EVO BEAUTY, beauty and well-being made in Canada

Written by FDM

Evo Beauty is your next online beauty store where health, beauty, and well-being are keywords.

Evo Beauty is an ever-evolving platform that offers an array of high-end products signed by carefully selected brands known for their strong identity and exceptional quality for a healthier lifestyle for all your family members.

Through Evo Beauty’s online store, cosmetics and well-being enthusiasts will be able to benefit from a wide range of treatments. Indeed, Evo Beauty offers women, men, and children a complete range of care and varied products such as Fruiteen, Herbal Care, Light Blue Shade, Mother’s Care, Néolia, Prévenderm, Revelox, Salon Cosmepro, Sens Ēve, Ur2, X -pur as well as hypoallergenic and unscented V Kosmetik offering: foundations, blushes, eye shadows, eye and lip pencils, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc.

Moreover, the Innovation laboratory has always been the DNA of Evo Beauty because innovation is in constant evolution. It represents the natural progression of the spirit of continuous and consumer-centered ideation to provide premium quality products that are always more suited to this quest for excellence thanks to its expertise that cultivates its difference.

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